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Lincoln Castle Trip

Earlier this week we visited Lincoln Castle to take part in a Magna Carta WOW day. The workshops that we took part in helped us to extend our knowledge about that period of history and to continue our learning about the Battle of Lincoln.

The children all had a fabulous day and I must say, they all made me very proud with their sensible behaviour and the mature questions they were asking throughout the day!


Magna Carta

To begin the day, we went into the Magna Carta vault where we watch two films about King John and the Magna Carta. We then got to view the Magna Carta and the Charter of the Forest.

Following our visit to the vault, we learnt about how they created the films that we watched and recreated the story board for the film.


Later in the morning, we took part in a drama workshop where we acted out the events that lead up to the Battle of Lincoln. The children loved dressing up and reading their lines. We seem to have some budding actors in Lancelot class!

Wax Seals and Quill Writing

After lunch, we created our own documents and officiated them with a wax seal. We also got to use some authentic ink made from oak gall to write our names using a quill pen.

Wall Walk

To finish off our day, we climbed up the spiral staircase to the dizzying heights of the castle walls. We got to experience some breath taking views of Lincoln, learned about the castle defences and visited the dungeon in Cobb Hall. 

We all loved Lincoln Castle!