Breathtaking Scenes in the Peaks on a Glorious Day!

At the end of term 4, Galahad class completed their studies of mountains and rivers by becoming mountain experts on a visit to England's highest peak, Mam Tor. The pictures are stunning and tell the story of a thrilling day walking to the very top of this magnificent 'mountain'. The children discovered that technically it is a very big hill!

The day was spent studying the contrast in climate from the foot of the hill to the summit. They tested the temperature, wind direction and speed. The saw evidence of land slippage showing that the land is moving all the time. 'Mountain' survival was demonstrated when the ranger made an emergency shelter. The children reported that it was unexpectedly warm inside the shelter compared to the outside, which was cold and windy despite the glorious sunshine! The children returned to school with lots of stories about their visit. They especially loved seeing the sheep and spring lambs grazing on the hillside.

Enjoy our amazing gallery of photos of the visit.